Learn from your favorite artists


SeamlessR Studio Tour

YouTube music production tutorial legend will be giving us a guided tour into the inner workings of his home studio.


Unboxing the Razer Blade Pro with Busy Works Beats

Busy Works Beats does what we all should have done a while ago which is an unboxing of the Razer Blade Pro as well showing how to set up FL Studio 12 on the system.


Super Super Saw Sound Synthesis in FL Studio 12 with Busy Works Beats

Big Saw Sound requires big saws. This video will show you how to stack multiple Harmor plugins in FL Studio 12 to create a gigantically rich saw sound.


Razer Music 2017

Razer Music-Teams mit Grammy nominiert Künstler Anderson .Paak und musikalische Innovatoren Reinheit Ring, Noisia, Feed Me, WondaGurl und vieles mehr.


Anderson .Paak shows us how he makes music on the road.

Even with a busy touring schedule, Anderson .Paak has to keep working on his new album. Get a peek into his creative process making music on his Razer Blade.


Noisia, Razer and MAINGEAR Live Build + Stream

Noisia discuss their production processes and needs whilst an R1 Razer Edition desktop is built to giveaway.


Exclusive Video – Noisia Studio Tour

Take an Exclusive Tour Inside of Noisia’s High Tech Studio


Anderson .Paak shows us how to make a beat

Interested in crafting your own hit songs? Anderson .Paak shows how to make a beat using the Razer Blade.


Razer Music | Noisia - Creative Mixing with Nik

Nik from Noisia gives us insight into his creative process mixing elements using his Razer Blade Pro.


Noisia on how they reinvented Diplodocus

Martijn from Noisia takes us through how they reinvented their seminal track Diplodocus, and worked this through on the road using the Blade. In this segment we watch the process of remixing t...


Noisia Deconstructs “Tetris, Mon Amour"

Thys, 1/3 of Noisia walks us through how he created the score for a contemporary dance performance. In an exploration to understand sounds more closely, he uses alternative by methods experim...


Purity Ring Remix Tutorial

Corin from Purity Ring shows us how he approached this remix of his friend’s band Health on a track called “Life.”


How To Bass 195: Double Hardware Exchange with SeamlessR

SeamlessR shows us how to make a really awesome bass sound and gives us 141 free samples in the process.


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