Mastering and Routing with deadmau5 & Steve Duda

deadmau5 and Steve Duda welcome you back to the lab in the second part of their Razer Music tutorial series where the duo are breaking down deadmau5’s track “Imaginery Friends.” Famous for his iconic mouse head and his seminal productions that span over a decade, deadmau5 has become a household name, and a pioneer of electronic music over the course of his longstanding career. In this video for Razer Music, deadmau5 and Duda take to their Blade Stealth to talk all things mixing and mastering, explaining the ins and outs of bussing and how proper routing can help glue your tracks together to produce a polished final product. If you’re struggling with engineering your tracks at their final stages, this video will provide all the pro tips you need to take your tunes to the next level.

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